Concert Band

High School Entry Level

The student will be expected to partipate in all Concert Band and athletic band activities (pep and/or marching band). Students will perform literature from all time periods with the appropriate technique, tone, articulation, phrasing and style. Students will learn more complex major/minor scales and chord progressions. In addition, students will increase their adeptness in sight reading and their ability to precisely match fundamental concepts with other band members. 1 year Prerequisites: Middle school experience or the equivalent. Honors Band Information.

Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble provides an opportunity for all percussion students to participate in Concert Band, Symphonic Band, or Wind Ensemble.Students will receive intense training in Marching Band skills and small percussion ensembles. Students will learn the concepts of rhythm, texture, balance, blend, and rudiments as they develop their role as ensemble members. 10th-12th grade students in this ensemble would be eligible for honors credit. See Honors: Music description.  Honors Band Information.

Wind Ensemble

High School Advanced Level

Students will be expected to participate in all Wind Ensemble and athletic band activities during or outside the normal school day. Students will work towards mastering the concepts and skills in rich tone quality, group and individual intonation, expressing appropriate style for various time periods, advanced articulations and fluid technique. Precision in music reading and sight reading is expected. Involvement in this course will acquaint students with many of the life skills necessary to be successful in the work place including personal relations, problem solving and working as a team to produce a product 1 year Prerequisites: Sucessful completion of Concert Band or the equivalent. Audition is required. Honors Band Information.

Jazz Band

Bellevue High School has a Jazz Ensemble which meet at 6:30 am each school-day morning and is a class requiring enrollment and attendance. A second jazz band will be added if enough students enroll at registration. 

Jazz 1 is an advanced ensemble, directed by Mr. Edd George. Jazz Ensemble is an extention of the larger ensemble experience. The jazz ensemble reflects traditional Big Band instrumentation (saxophone, trumpet, trombone and rhythm section). Through listening to recordings, critiquing, analyzing, discusssion and application, students will learn a variety of jazz styles found within this genre. Students will understand the history of jazz and be able to associate specific muysicians to distinct types of jazz. This is a performance class; therefore, students are expected to attend all rehearsals, sectionals and performances. 

1 year credit Prerequisites: Auditions required. 

Students must be enrolled in a primary performing ensemble (i.e., band, orchestra). Students attend jazz performances, festivals and competitions in and out of state.

Jazz Club

A performing jazz band composed of emerging jazz performers. All band students are welcome. The band meets three times a week before school and performs at concerts and festivals. The band is directed by the club leader whose position is funded by the Band Boosters.

Pep Band/Marching Band

High School All Levels

Includes all members of the concert band and wind ensemble classes. Its primary purpose is to perform entertaining music at home football games and school events. The annual homecoming parade is the only marching performance of the year. Emphasis will be placed on quality musical performance and the fundamentals of parade marching. Several mandatory evening rehearsals are scheduled so that we can all rehearse together. Attendance at all home football games is required, including playoff games.
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